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The Tower of Light

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You are passionate about understanding the origins of Christianity and other monotheistic religions and how they have evolved over the centuries and millennia? I think that this understanding is essential for developing an accurate view of Christianity and its impact on the world but it will never be proven right or wrong because the proof is limited. My intentions are to provide an unbiased and historical perspective on Christianity that will be informative, engaging and sometimes maybe even triggering for people of all backgrounds. I will try to be as fair, honest and impartial as possible because I am genuinely interested in understanding the origins of Christianity for myself. I hope that you find this website to be an informative and enjoyable read.


The Atheist founder

My goal is to educate people to be more aware of how religion historically developed over the millenniums, and what we know and/or think to be aware of. History is not a matter of absolutes or claiming certainty, we have to rely on different methods like archaeology, linguistics, quotations, and survived copies and determine possibilities if mathematics if something could have really happened. We are all human beings and we all do mistakes or we could misinterpret different evidence wrongly but I will do my best to provide you with the best research information possible and will update it as soon as I am aware of it. Be sure to check out my newsletter to keep in touch

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The beginning of Christianity

The Beginning Of Christianity

There are many different denominations of Christianity today, but they all originated from the same Pauline line. In further times Christianity was much more diverse. There are many different opinions about how Christianity began, but the evidence suggests that the Orthodoxy which survived was not the true and only one, possibly even the wrong one. I will use expert opinions to assess the available data and write in the best way of my capabilities.

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The Didache

The Didache – Teachings Of The Apostles Decoded

Welcome to the mysterious realm of The Didache, a captivating ancient text that gives us a fascinating peek into the beliefs and customs of early Christians. This manuscript offers valuable insights into the early years of the Christian faith, covering everything from moral guidance to worship practices. Let’s embark on a journey to unravel the significance and influence of this intriguing document, uncovering the secrets of early Christianity and gaining a deeper understanding of its historical impact.

The Origins Of The Old Testament Scriptures

Unveiling the Astonishing Age of the Old Testament

The Old Testament, a profound compilation of texts serving as the bedrock of both Judaism and Christianity, emerges as a literary treasure written by diverse hands across the expanse of centuries. However, the precise moments of its composition remain a topic of fervent debate among scholars and historians. As we embark on an odyssey of discovery, our aim is to unravel as many of its enigmatic secrets as we can.

Yahweh Is Not God

Shocking Revelation: Yahweh Is Not The Real God! 

The deity known as Yahweh, often mentioned in the old testament, emerges as a captivating and multifaceted figure when examined through archaeological findings. These discoveries shed light on the diverse ways in which Yahweh was worshipped and depicted in ancient Judah, showcasing a truly remarkable array of beliefs among various religious communities.

The Second Treatise Of The Great Seth

The Second Treatise of the Great Seth: A Forbidden Faith  

The “Second Treatise of the Great Seth” whispers ancient Gnostic insights. Through cryptic verses, it reveals Christ’s dualistic discourse on cosmic truths and crucifixion’s enigma, inviting seekers to glimpse the hidden threads of gnosis woven into earthly illusions

When Was The New Testament Written

Unveiling The Origins: When Was the New Testament Written?

Let’s dive into the epic world of the New Testament, a stellar part of the Bible that holds immense significance for orthodox Christians. Its origin and authorship are like hidden treasures, captivating us with their historical and religious significance. Imagine 27 books, each one a unique treasure of ancient history, written by various authors in the beautiful language of Greek. Although the exact timeline of the various pieces remains a mystery, brilliant scholars have proposed different dates for the creation of this extraordinary collection of writings.

In What language is the New Testament written

The Surprising Language Behind the New Testament

The New Testament in Greek was written by different authors over 150 years because it was the language of the educated. Alexander the Great through his conquests made it the dominant language in the Mediterranean. Additionally, many early Christians were from Greece and Rome, two of the most influential centres of culture and learning at that time.

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